Post-processing models

You’ve successfully set up and run your model, but now you want to extract the results and do something useful with them. The following sections describe how to retrieve observables (SEDs and images) and quantities (such as density and temperature).

The Tutorials section contains a number of examples illustrating how to extract and visualize observables and quantities.


A convenience script is provided to quickly extract image cubes and physical grids for inspection as FITS files:

# Retrieve all images
hyperion2fits --images model.rtout

# Retrieve all physical arrays (only works for regular grids)
hyperion2fits --physics model.rtout

Ds9 version 7 or later is required to be able to navigate FITS cubes with more than 3 dimensions. This is only meant as a quick look tool. To extract properly scaled and sliced information from the output file, see the sections above.