class hyperion.sources.PointSource(name=None, peeloff=True, **kwargs)

A point source.

name : str, optional

The name of the source

peeloff : bool, optional

Whether to peel-off photons from this source


Any additional arguments are are used to initialize attributes.


name A string identifying the source (optional)
luminosity The bolometric luminosity of the source (ergs/s)
temperature The temperature of the source (K)
spectrum The spectrum of the source, specified either as an astropy.table.Table instance with 'nu' and 'fnu' columns, or as a (nu, fnu) tuple, where the frequency is given in Hz, and the flux is given as F_nu (units are unimportant since the normalization is set by the luminosity).
position The cartesian position of the source (x, y, z) as a sequence of three floating-point values (cm)