Kim, Martin, and Hendry (1994) dust with full scattering properties

These are dust properties from Kim, Martin, and Hendry (1994), also known as KMH. The dust consists of astronomical silicates, graphite, and carbon and the size distribution was determined using a maximum entropy method. This dust type is meant to be applicable to the diffuse ISM (for low column densities) in the Galaxy.


The dust properties given here are given per unit mass of gas+dust, assuming a gas-to-dust ratio of 141.84. This means that when using Hyperion, the total densities should be specified.

This version of the dust file was re-computed using the code described in Computing dust properties, and includes the full numerical scattering matrix. This is different from the version used in HOCHUNK, the radiative transfer code developed by B. Whitney et al., since that dust approximated the scattering with a Henyey-Greenstein function. If you are interested in using that dust instead, see Kim, Martin, and Hendry (1994) dust with Henyey-Greenstein scattering.

The dust file is available in the hyperion-dust directory as dust_files/kmh94_3.1_full.hdf5 (once you have run python build_dust).

Rv=3.1 (dust_files/kmh94_3.1_full.hdf5)

The following plot gives an overview of the dust properties (as described in Preparing dust properties):