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System-specific instructions



You can load up most of the required dependencies for the Fortran and Python code using:

module load math/hdf5-1.8.4_openmpi-1.3.3_intel-11.1.046
module load hpc/python-2.6.2

Then download and install ATpy by going here and clicking on Download latest stable version. Then, expand the tar file and install using:

tar xvzf ATpy-x.x.x.tar.gz
cd ATpy-x.x.x
python install

You can now proceed to install the Python and Fortran components of the code.


Note that since you do not have access to a display on Odyssey, you will need to make sure matplotlib is in non-interactive mode before importing the hyperion Python module:

import matplotlib
import hyperion

If you do not do this, you will get the following error:

RuntimeError: could not create GdkCursor object